Affirming Caribbean methodologies: culturally relevant approaches to pedagogy, research and leadership October 16 (Caribbean) /17 (Pacific) 2020


3 – 5 pm (Trinidad and Tobago)           

4 – 6 pm (Jamaica)          

5 – 7 pm (New York, Toronto)          

10 – 12 pm (UK)


9 – 11 am (Aotearoa New Zealand)       

7 – 9 am (Brisbane Australia)

Thank you for joining us in our 2nd Caribbean methodologies online forum 

This Online Forum via ZOOM followed on from the Caribbean Research Methodologies Conference held in September, 2018 and the first CRM online encounter in April 2019.

If you could not join the lime this time, catch up on our discussion during the past forum in the video below:

Featured videos

Featured projects

Caribbean Sexualities e-portal (submitted by Pauline E. Bullen, PhD)

Caribbean Sexualities Knowledge E-Portal developed and hosted by the Caribbean IRN - as part of "A Sexual Culture of Justice" Project. This portal features the Project outputs, as well as building upon the Caribbean IRN resources and archives. 

Featured issue: Guyana Volume 1

Published by the Institute of Gender Studies, The University of  Guyana

"With Issues Guyana, we want people in the Caribbean and internationally, to read, hear and understand that much of the fear, anger and violence crosses continents and is present everywhere in our global village. We take the stance that culture is not static and therefore requires that we change, shift perspectives, rethink and redefine what we see and label as “tradition” and/or “acceptable”. Jamaican born Sociologist, Cultural Theorist and Political activist, Stuart Hall wrote extensively about culture as something that is NOT static but ever changing – fluid and dynamic?" 

Access issue (pdf)

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