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Welcome to the Caribbean Research Methodologies Frequently Asked Questions page. Feel free to explore some of our most commonly asked questions and if you need more information you can always contact us

What are the objectives of Caribbean Research Methodologies? 

Caribbean Research Methodologies (CRM) is a space dedicated to affirming Caribbean ways of knowing as valid forms of academic enquiry. We are a collective of researchers from the Caribbean. We lead international online seminars, publications and presentations across the globe. Together, we advance, centre and affirm Caribbean epistemologies and methodologies. 

How can I get involved? 

You can send us an email (, use the chat button at the bottom of every page, or message us on our contact us form. Additionally you can join our forum and mingle with others who share an interest in the Caribbean. 

What is LOT?

LOT stands for "Liming and Ole Talk" - an acronym created for the research approach that we were developing. It was later phased out and replaced with ‘Liming Methodology’.

How can I get my Caribbean research project/paper featured?

To have your project/paper featured, send an email to

Where can I get a copy of CRM's book "Affirming Methodologies - Research and Education in the Caribbean"?

Caribbean Research Methodologies publication "Affirming Methodologies - Research and Education in the Caribbean" is currently available for preorder here

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