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Registration  [Closing 12th of October, 2020]

Onsite registration will be available during the conference

Registration for the conference is now open!  See below for registration fees

- General registration: $150.00 USD

- Students  $75.00 USD*

- Caribbean locals (academics and professionals permanently based in the Caribbean): $75.00 USD*

- Caribbean students: $35.00 USD*

* Reduced registration fees for Caribbean locals and students have been created to encourage participation from inside the region and to enable access for students. You will need a special code to access these on the registration page. If you belong to any of these categories, in order to receive the code and registration instructions, please send us an email at stating:


- Full name

- Country of residence

- Occupation

- Organisation/institution 

- Submitted abstract for the conference (yes/no)

Please note that as the conference bank account is based in New Zealand, you will see the prices in the NZD equivalent in the registration page 

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